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March 18, 2017
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A review… “Radical Son” World Premiere of a new Play

by Sandy Katz, American Theatre Critics Association | Oct. 24, 2015

Showing their passion for authentic American historic heroes, Chris Weatherhead and Clarence Felder penned another potentially award-winning play “Radical Son,” to keep company with “All For Liberty” named recently One of Top Ten Revolutionary War Movies by the Journal of the American Revolution.

Weatherhead directed this memorable and riveting play diligently maximizing the use of the intimate black-box stage at Threshold Repertory Theatre by using on-screen images to coordinate with the minimalistic props.

One of the aesthetically pleasing elements of this staging was the director’s use of magnificently talented costume designers Bruce Bryson, Jean Robertson Hutchinson and Kathy Pilson.  It was obvious there was much research that went into creating the authentically accurate costumes reflecting the historic time of this play.

Felder as Henry Laurens, father of the Radical Son, mesmerized the audience with his Shakespearian-style approach. Every morsel out of his mouth was melodic and wonderful.  However, he knows how to share the spotlight with the other performers.

Robbin Knight as the Radical Son held his own as he challenged his father’s philosophy of freedom and slavery, both in contention with his fierce yearning for justice.

Adam Miles, Jamie Bellah, Kelvin Curtis, Terry Koster and Elizabeth Leigh Watson all contributed their talents to make this production a great place to be on a second Sunday afternoon in downtown Charleston.

To be continued…