The Unknown Abolitionist of the American Revolution

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May 15, 2017

The Unknown Abolitionist of the American Revolution

John Laurens War Movie Updates

John Laurens with his friend Phillip

We all have all been battling some trying times…but…

Welcome to the world of our lost hero of the American Revolution, John Laurens, and the clubhouse of the creators of the award-winning docudrama, “John Laurens’ War”!! …

I’m Chris Weatherhead, co-writer/director and co-producer as well as location manager, “craft services” coordinator, etc.. etc (you get the idea)…

We had a fantastic team sacrificing on this guerilla, low-low budget film – and we lost four great people along the way – near the end of filming our set design/construction head, and an actress, a major donor and also one of our scholars – all before the private screening in Charleston South Carolina. So we share all the awards – nine international so far – with them as well as the seventy-nine private donors and 65 actors who had speaking roles and roughly 12 crew (everyone was on crew!).

Distribution on the horizon…

Now, as 2021 takes shape, we have a distribution deal with the amazing Bridgestone Multimedia Group, for our docudrama John Laurens’ War. Bridgestone has been expanding in all directions since they picked up our other American Revolutionary War film, All For Liberty seven years ago. That film won twelve awards, nine film awards and three historical awards and was named on of Top Ten Revolutionary War movies by the Journal of the American Revolution.

We’re waiting for a release date for distribution this spring!

We’ve become increasingly aware how important John Laurens was in 1777 when he left law school in London to fight for the freedom of all slaves in American along with every colonist…He was a rare young man indeed.

The future of America could have been so very different if the leaders of the revolution had heard John’s voice crying in the wilderness. He’d studied in Switzerland with passionate Christians and his mind was focused on using all in his power to create a land where liberty truly grew freely along with one’s good conscience and the guiding hand of God.

We hope to finally be able to share John’s wild and brave journey with you – and we hope to inspire you with John’s motto, “Where liberty is, there is my country…”

The journey for me was an exquisite one of uncovering many buried facts and rich experiences of a twenty-seven year old statesman and some-times-too-brave soldier who fought for your freedom and mine, but never got to enjoy it…

He has changed my life. I look forward to you meeting him…